Awesome Youtube Thumbnail Background

youtube thumbnail background

YouTube thumbnail background: What are they?

First you need know what is YouTube’s video thumbnail is

What viewers see on their first look when they browse in YouTube.

That is Youtube Thumbnail
youtube thumbnail background

It is a clickable, small static image that grabs viewers’ attention or allows them to scroll on.

YouTube will give you the option to choose from a variety of frames from your uploaded videos for this preview image.

However, this freeze-frame will rarely serve you well.

It should grab the attention and convey what your video is all about in a glance.

It should grab the attention of your target audience, making them think I must watch this!

The youtube thumbnail background is the first impression of your video and determines whether people click through.

youtube thumbnail background

A professional YouTube thumbnail background design will not only improve your channel’s branding, but also draw more viewers to your content.

Best practices for making YouTube thumbnail background

How do you create YouTube thumbnail background that are effective?

These are some tips to help you get started for get youtube thumbnail background.

Make sure you choose the correct YouTube thumbnail background size
Start with the right sizing and dimensions if you want to make a professional-looking thumbnail.

YouTube guidelines require that your thumbnail image be at least 1280×720 pixels with a minimum width 640 pixels. A 16:9 aspect ratio is best as it’s most commonly used in YouTube previews and players.

A thumbnail image that is too small can be a mistake. While thumbnail images are often very small in YouTube search results, YouTube videos can be embedded.

You should choose a larger size image that can be scaled down and not a smaller size that can be scaled up.

This will make sure in highest quality.

You must also save the files as JPG, GIF or BMP image formats and keep the file size below 2MB.

Use a beautiful photo for your YouTube thumbnail background
To grab attention, strong visuals are crucial.

High-quality pictures that serve as teasers for the video will provide context and allow your audience to get familiar with your style.

Hassan is a digital marketer youtuber.

youtube thumbnail background

His create content on YouTube is best tutorial for who’s want make money online .

His videos are full of high-quality images that offer a glimpse into the future.

Hassan is a digital marketer and loves to show off his own case study to get clicks for his video.

Looking for beautiful stock photos that you can use in your thumbnails?

You can find a variety of stock photos right within the app.

Or you can use this app list of free photo sites!

Be care full that some premium of the photos in Canva will cost you a penny for each use.

youtube thumbnail canva template example

Snappa, on the other hand, includes more than 60,000 royalty-free photos that you can use as many times you wish.

Snappa is free! but limited features

youtube thumbnail snappa template

Disclosure: If you decide to upgrade to a premium plan, I may be paid a referral fee.

Add title text to your YouTube thumbnails background

There are many benefits to adding text headings to your video thumbnail.

But the greatest benefit is that it provides more context for your video.

A simple image, however beautiful, won’t convey that your video is a powerful tutorial that will solve one of your viewers’ pressing problems.

Make sure you capture the core idea and create a captivating title that will grab your viewers.

The thumbnail text headings can be numbered if you are creating a series.

Similar to a TV series with numbered seasons and episodes, thumbnails on YouTube can be numbered.

This will allow your viewers to keep track of what they are watching.

It also encourages them to search for more!

Dan lok (HTC) is one of the personal brands that include text headings in thumbnails.

This provides context that isn’t immediately obvious.

One of the thumbnails below includes an image showing a horizon.

This would seem very generic.

dan lok youtube thumbnail example

The text “How to get your 1st client” gives context to the thumbnail, making it more appealing to viewers to click on it.

Choose the best font to create your YouTube thumbnails
Once you have a title, it is time to choose a font.

It is important to get your audience familiar with your brand and the content you offer.

This can be done by using consistent thumbnail designs, with consistent fonts and memorable colors.

It’s great if you already have a visual brand for your business.

Use eye catching headline font for your title text in (youtube thumbnail background)

You can choose a clean, simple headline font with a design tool such as Canva or Snappa.

It should be clear and easily readable at a glance.
be aware the font line expresses your branding

It is a good idea to use a sans serif font or “gothic”, such as the one below.

A good choice is Bold or Heavy Weight.

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