Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Before getting direct into adult affiliate marketing programs, let us portrait the picture.

In many countries, adult dating and the porn business are still taboo.

The adult entertainment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% between 2019-2030. It will reach a value of US$ 300 billion by 2030. Industry growth is driven by rising demand for sex toys, technological advances in erotic games, and Virtual Reality.

Do you see this as an opportunity to make money from adult advertising?

Affiliate programs are a great niche way to get involved in the exciting areas of the adult entertainment sector and make money. You can monetize your traffic to make money online with the growing popularity of pornography, adult dating websites (or adult meeting places), and entertainment.

Affiliate program

Choosing a quality adult affiliate program is crucial because many states restrict adult entertainment. Not all sites will pay you promptly or have strict terms and conditions about withdrawing your earnings.

We have compiled the top 8 adult programs from the most popular adult affiliate sites to ensure you get the best value for money.

So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Adults

  1. ClickDealer Affiliate Program
  2. Affilaxy Affiliate Programme
  3. AdCombo Affiliate Program
  4. Mobidea Affiliate Programme
  5. Affiliate Program
  6. CrakRevenue Affiliate Program
  7. MaxBounty Affiliate Programme
  8. ADxXx Affiliate Programme
  9. Cpamatica Affiliate Program
  10. Leadbit Affiliate Program

1 – ClickDealer Affiliate Program

ClickDealer, a global marketing agency, provides affiliate marketers and publishers access to a large portfolio of exclusive offers and deals in the adult market. They offer two types of affiliate networks, CPA and Smartlink


ClickDealer is a top site for adult affiliates. Every week, you’ll earn a commission for every click dealer referral or purchase directed to their third-party network. You will also receive reward points for every $10 spent on the platform. These reward points can be redeemed for a prize of your choice. Your third-party site will determine the commission you earn.

  • Affiliate Commission – Variable
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Affiliate Signup Link: Please click here

ClickDealer also offers a referral program where you can refer ClickDealer friends and clients. This site will pay you an additional 2% commission if your referral signups up and begins making money. This can last up to six months. The minimum payout for any billing period should be at least $500. You have several payment options, and they also offer expedited weekly payments.

2 – Affilaxy Affiliate Programme

Affilaxy, a popular adult affiliate program, offers a wide range of products that are optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet. There are many tools to promote your products, such as plug-and-play profiles, banners, and registration forms. You can promote your adult website and drive traffic. Earn up to 50% lifetime commission on all purchases. You can withdraw your earnings anytime and make all payments via PayPal or bank transfer. There is no minimum payout limit.

  • Affiliate Commission – Up to 50% Revenue Share
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Affiliate Signup

As an affiliate, you automatically become subscribed to the tiered commission structure. This allows you to earn higher revenue shares if you have a high volume of qualified referrals. This structure allows you to earn between 40% and 50% depending on how many qualifying credit packages you can sell through your affiliate links.

3 – AdCombo Affiliate Program

AdCombo is a popular CPA platform for adult affiliate marketing. It offers a wide range of special offers you can promote on your website or blog. You will find low-competitive GEOs with a higher ROI and lower CPC. Also, choose from your preferred traffic sources, such as banners, PPC, and Facebook.


AdCombo offers many active adult affiliates in different verticals. You can choose the one that best suits your niche. You can also get localized funnels, including landing pages and pre-sales pages. There is also an automatic translation tool that allows you to place orders. All popular adult affiliate platforms offer real-time and reliable tracking. Two payments per month are made.

4 – Mobidea Affiliate Programme

Mobidea, a trusted mobile affiliate network, offers many deals in the adult niche. This platform has over 100,000 registered affiliates who can make money from adult traffic. The platform now includes a free tracking system, which allows you to analyze and optimize your affiliate campaigns. You can also promote top affiliate campaigns that have been tested for daily visits.


They also offer an online education program to help you improve your affiliate marketing skills. You can find the best tips, guides, and tracks to increase your earnings. CPA is their commission type, and they pay every day. Several payment options include PayPalWire Transfer, and First Choice Pay. You can earn a commission of 5% for each signup or sale made through your link.

5 – is an online search directory that provides a comprehensive list of adult affiliate programs for any type of adult entertainment product, service, or offers you want to promote or list on your site. You can bring joy to others’ lives while earning handsome affiliate commissions through the different affiliate programs they have listed. The affiliate program you choose will affect the commission rate, cookie duration, terms and conditions, and other factors.
  • Affiliate Commission – Variable

Love Honey, Pink Cherry, and Male Edge are just a few of the most popular adult websites registered through their affiliate network. These include adult dating websites, live webcam streaming, and online adult shops. Clicks, sales, or pay-per-view are all options for earning commissions. Referral commissions are also available, either one-time or for life.

6 – CrakRevenue Affiliate Programme

CrakRevenue, a trusted CPA marketing platform, provides access to high-paying adult programs, frequent payouts, and robust reporting with data analysis and statistics. Since 2015, they have been among the top mThinkBlue Book-ranked CPA networks worldwide. CrakRevenue offers three types of affiliate marketing plans. You can get a dedicated manager, exclusive offers and promotions, lifetime referral earnings of 5%, pay bumps, and many other benefits.

Crack Revenue

Their performance tracking system is excellent and allows you to keep a detailed record of each user until they make a purchase. This makes sure that your payments are timely and accurately made. The company has a team of experts who can assist you in setting up your affiliate marketing campaign. This includes designing, marketing, and more. You can get the most out of your promotional efforts by creating conversion landing pages, custom ad tools, and creatives.

7 – MaxBounty Affiliate Programme

MaxBounty, a Canada-based CPA network, allows affiliates to promote campaigns on many adult websites requiring dedicated traffic flow. If you have a website, blog, social media profile, or email list with large followers, you can join MaxBounty’s affiliate program to earn commissions on different adult campaigns. Working with a CPA network has the advantage of offering competitive commission rates and quick support.

Max bounty

They offer performance bonuses that will increase your earnings and a wide range of adult affiliate campaigns. You can rely on dedicated affiliate managers to help choose the right campaign for you and create promotional strategies. Every week, all payments are made on the due date. You can keep track of the most popular adult campaigns and any clicks or sales generated by your affiliate link through a feature-rich dashboard.

8 – ADxXx affiliate program

ADxXxx is an adult advertising network that covers 180+ countries worldwide and provides global geolocalization. This opens up a world of opportunity for publishers and advertisers who wish to make passive income from their traffic. ADxXx can help you promote your products and services by partnering with you if you have a blog or website with adult traffic.

AdxXx Affiliate

It takes just five minutes to set up ADxXx. You can also expect weekly payments via PayPal or ePayments. Native advertising blocks and banners are available for adult campaigns to ensure greater audience coverage. You can also enjoy quick technical support and a functional interface in your native tongue, among other benefits.

9 – Cpamatica Affiliate Program

Cpamatica has one of the most successful adult affiliate programs and is also a strong believer in affiliate marketing. Thanks to its proven adult affiliate programs, this site is a top CPA, CPS, and CPI network for adult affiliates. It allows you to grow your online business in many ways. Cpamatica responds to each client’s needs and helps affiliates, marketers, and marketing agencies achieve outstanding results and maximize profits.


Cpamatica also has more than 1000 campaigns in the Nutra and dating categories. Each campaign is tested by the user acquisition team to make sure it’s a viable option. It uses cutting-edge technology for performance marketing. With proven expertise, affiliates receive the best conditions possible. This is an affiliate program hugely successful in mainstream dating and adult niches. You can connect with thousands of advertisers and offers from many verticals, such as Dating and Sweepstakes.

Cpamatica offers high-quality affiliate solutions that help customers grow rapidly. Publishers and advertisers can expect to receive competitive weekly payouts and excellent customer service. After ten days, newbies can expect their first paycheck. A referral commission of 2% is also available.

10 – Leadbit Affiliate Program

Leadbit was founded in 2012 and is a well-known affiliate based out of London. It is a popular affiliate in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The market’s highest payout rates are offered to publishers by Leadbit. This affiliate network offers various ad types for publishers, such as banners, affiliate offers, and other promotional materials. This program is the best in CPI, Gambling, and Nutra COD. Sweep stokes. 1-Click Flow, Trials, and other verticals are also available.


They also have an accurate tracking system (in-house proprietary platform), tools for affiliates, high payout offers, and exclusive bonus offers. Leadbit offers three revenue models: CPICPA, and Affiliate Networks. There is a daily payment option that allows users to receive instant payments. It also has a $25 minimum payout threshold and a $55 minimum payout threshold. PayPalWeb Money, and Wire Transfer are all available payment options.

Summary – Affiliate programs for adult content:

Many dating sites and adult websites offer promising affiliate programs. These programs are only available through a trusted CPA network. A CPA marketing platform is a great way to compare multiple adult campaigns and find one that’s reliable, high-earning potential and offers dedicated support. These programs and networks have been proven high-quality, high conversion, and client satisfaction. You can make substantial passive income by enrolling in any of these programs and promoting them to your customers.

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