What is Bluehost?

What is bluehost

Bluehost is a Webhosting server that offers shared hosting services, WordPress (WP) hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WooCommerce hosting. It routinely monitors users’ systems to prevent any bugs and quickly disintegrates the issue when it occurs.

Have a look at some recent stats.

Do you know a new website is being added over the internet every second?

Approximately 1.98 billion websites are in the world, according to recent stats of Sep 2022. Wonder? How do these websites operate, and where are they hosted?

Looking to understand more about what Bluehost is managing? This article briefs the hosting services and offers of company.

Is Bluehost a good company?

Web Hosting is a requisite for driving your website live on the world wide web.

Is bluehost a good company

To a layman, websites need web hosting to be live from where these are operated over the internet. There are myriad web hosting service providers worldwide, and Bluehost is one of the top companies in this space.

So, what is web hosting? Web Hosting is an online service offered by diverse Web Hosting providers like Bluehost that enables to upload website files on the server, which connects website to the world wide web or the internet.

Consequently, whoever has the Internet can access and browse your website. Users can also host their website on their own hosting server, but a dedicated Web Hosting provider offers significant concessions as a stake of packages.

Separated from the lower cost, it is more like a plug-and-play server, where users just need to copy website files, and your website is live. Users can handle security & backups, which usually develop in hosting servers.

Is Bluehost worth it?

Bluehost Webhosting is fairly distinctive with its different qualities:

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Features your website needs to develop. E.g., security, scalability, and maintainability.
  • Autonomy to upgrade hosting server.
  • Free trial or refund policy if user is not satisfied with services.
  • Website security from any sort of malware.
  • Website backups and restoring website in case of any technical loss or failure.
Is Bluehost worth it

Here are some impressive facts that will prompt users to prefer it for acquiring services:

  • Bluehost is among the index of top 20 Web Hosting providers in the world.
  •  Nowadays, it hosts more than 2 million domains.
  •  Around 750 direct staff are toiling with Bluehost.
  •  The same company (Endurance International Group) also owns HostGator & iPage.
  •  Its in-house servers are in Orem, a city in Utah, situated in a 50000 square feet facility.

Bluehost Website Builder & Webhosting Provider 

To have a website builder, you need two things – Web Hosting & a domain name. Isn’t it convenient to acquire both of these at the same place?

It offers both services – Web Hosting & A Domain Name.

Bluehost website builder and webhosting provider

Bluehost is a Webhosting company of Endurance International Group (EIG). It was based in 2003 & built on open-source technology. Now it has developed & evolved into one of the largest providers of cloud-based online solutions. The company provides domains, web hosting, and secure hosting solutions.

Besides this, Bluehost website builder allows clients to make a website look astonishing without coding. A duo of Bluehost website builders is WordPress & Weebly builders. Users can acquire the various features of these builders to have a fantastic and functional website.

Services Offered

  • Domain Name
  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
  • Web Server Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting

Create Hosting Account

It’s easy to initiate hosting on Bluehost with straightforward steps.
Before starting, make sure to have a credit card for payment. To create a hosting account, follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the home page of Bluehost and click “Get Started.”.

Choose a domain name for a site if you don’t have one. Or else, if you already have one, you can enter the domain name here and follow the steps to get your Domain Name System (DNS) implied to server.

  • Once you have joined a domain name, you will load in your personal information.
  • Select a suitable and cost-effective hosting package.

Users can opt for dedicated or shared hosting for 1,2 and 3 years of terms.

Users can even update their plan later, and it provides seamless upgrades to VPS or dedicated server hosting accounts inside the control panel.

  • Click the “Next” button to complete your purchase. You’ll be asked to create a password for your Bluehost account, which will complete the process.

It is all ready. Upload website files and begins to use.

Bluehost assures 24/7 uptime availability of their servers and delivers an issue-less experience for hosted websites. They equip a streamlined approach to communicate about issues or downtimes.

Is Bluehost down?

What is bluehost down means? How to Find is Bluehost down or Having an Issue?

Is Bluehost down

Users can inspect the status of the hosting or hosting server on their status page.

However, it is rare to experience Bluehost down. All the servers are closely monitored and tuned to ensure they persist in execution.

A tandem of items is there that can still affect why your site is down.

Server overload can sometimes cause slowdowns to your website, as a result, can cause your website to load slowly.

Several things to ensure your site is always at its best. These include optimizing images and videos at the lowest resolution possible before posting to the website.

What should you do if the bluehost down?

If Bluehost is down or does not work, no worries, there are other options.

  1. Browser cache.
    Delete the cache and get the current page refreshing using the key combination. CTRL + F5.
  2. The site’s access is blocked.
    Clear browser cookies and modify the IP address.
  3. Antivirus and firewall.DNS cache.
    Clear DNS cache and then try accessing the site again.

Cloudflare CDN must be activated on your site.

Cloudflare is easy to use. Simply create a Cloudflare Account, enable CDN integration via the control panel, and provide your Cloudflare credentials for Bluehost.

cloudflare cdn illustration
This animation, from Cloudflare, illustrates how their global network of datacenters speeds up delivery of your website. Cloudflare has 154 datacenters across the globe.

Confirm adding an SSL certificate and any other security needed to keep the website away from spammers.

Use the right web hosting plan that suits your website’s command.

Likewise, subscribe to StatusGator for free alerts & notifications about any changes on the status page.

Watch the video if you want more details:

How to cancel Bluehost Account?

Bluehost maintains the best services and customer support. If users are not satisfied with their services and want to cancel their Account, there are options for doing it:

1: Live Chat

  • While canceling a Bluehost account, go through once Bluehost Terms of Services. They provide customer-centric terms of service and support.
  • Before canceling, keep the backup of all the required data.
  • Start a live chat with the Bluehost representative & provide a reason for canceling the Bluehost account.
  • Enter your first and last name, the domain name associated with your account & the last 4 digits of your cPanel login password.
  • Select to clearly remove your automatic domain name.

2: Through Support Ticket

  • Before deleting the account, review the terms of service.
  • Data backup that you need.
  • Open a support ticket.
  • After choosing the “cancellation” option, click on the “OK” button.
  • Enter your email address, full name, domain name & password.
  • Declare Bluehost that you want to cancel your Bluehost account by sending a message.
  • Enter the verification code.
  • Keep the reference number of your support ticket.
  • Also, request to cancel the renewal of your domain name.

Bluehost MX Records

The Mail Exchanger (MX) record is a type of DNS record that identifies which server will handle the incoming emails of a particular domain. Bluehost MX records indicated the domain name rather than indicating the IP address.

Add a New MX Record

Select the desired domain you want to modify from the drop-down menu in the DNS Zone Editor.

Scroll down & select Add DNS Record & fill in the information in the following fields:

  • Host Record: Enter the domain name that you want to modify.
  • TTL: Keep this field at its default setting.
  • Type: Choose MX for this field.
  • Points To: Enter the mail server’s name, which must be a domain name.
  • Priority: This field will inform you about the MX entries’ order. For this, refer to the Bluehost MX entry provider.

Change the Current MX Record

  • Choose the domain that you want to choose in the DNS Zone Editor.
  • Select MX exchanger from the drop-down menu.
  • After finding the desired MX record, click on edit.
  • Update the information that you want to change & click on Save.

Can you change your domain name on Bluehost?

If you own a Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, or Shared Hosting account, it allows to make changes the primary domain on your account.

Most of the time, the Primary Domain Name can be changed to another (new) domain name.

There are two way. Either ask the support team for assistance or do it yourself.

can you change your domain name on bluehost

How to transfer domain name from Bluehost?

Bluehost transfer domain is a form of changing the domain registration of a website. So, if you own your domain for at least 60 days & it satisfies the Transfer Policy of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN), you can transfer it instantly.

Transfering domain requires a few details for transferring the domain within the guidelines of the new Transfer Policy:

  • Change Contact Information
  • Change of Registrar
  • Prepare the domain for transfer
  • Disable Privacy
  • Unlock the Domain
  • Get the EPP Code

How to transfer domain name from Bluehost?

Once you’ve finished the required steps to prepare your account for the change, you can log in to your Control Panel.

Next, go to the “Order Information View” section and enter the domain name into the search area. The drop-down menu will open, and you can choose an order.

Once the order page has opened, click on the “Change Domain” option.

Enter your domain name without HTTPS/HTTP in the last step, and click on Save.

You will receive a notification stating, “Your request for the primary domain change to your hosting package is placed” It may take some time for DNS changes to fully succeed.

Once done, your website should be online with the new domain as Bluehost’s primary domain.

When is it required to change the Primary Domain?

Bluehost change primary domain is usually happen only needed if you:

  • Would like the users to log in to their respective accounts using the latest primary domain name.
  • Lose control of your previous domain and expect to eradicate it from your record.
  • Utilize Google App Engine, which validates via user accounts on the primary domain.
  • Would like regular branding in Calendar invites & Drive shares, which always present the user’s primary email address.

Alternatives for Web Hosting

Some alternatives are also considerably functional: reliable, qualified, and user-friendly.

What to pick?

Do you face confusion choosing between other offers VS Bluehost hosting your website?

If so, we will focus on highlighting the differences.

Namecheap VS Bluehost

In the Web hosting & domain name spheres, both of the companies are reputed.

However, Namecheap has recently shifted its interest more towards domain names & trying to build its reputation, while Bluehost is recognized for both (Web hosting & Domain Names).

User Experience

Bluehost is highly user-friendly. On the shared hosting plans of WordPress, it automatically installs WordPress making the process quick & easy for a new website. As a result, it provides a straightforward process even for a beginner.

Namecheap is too same user-friendly, providing a slight difference in its user experience. Once you set up your account, you can view & manage your domains, hosting plans & accounts within the dashboard. However, in Bluehost, you must do so through the Softaculous App Installer within cPanel.


Bluehost and Namecheap provide a wide variety of services, from domain registration to dedicated servers, shared hosting, and VPS.

Yet, Namecheap has cheaper baseline costs than Bluehost, but this is only part of the story.

Do the more economical prices mean that you have to compromise on crucial features?

Then, we did a little digging into both shared hosting plans & here it is:

Namecheap Web hosting Minimum Plan

The cheapest plan of Namecheap Web Hosting starts at a price as low as $ 1.44/month for shared hosting. And the most expensive plan of Namecheap is $ 4.44/month.

Bluehost Web hosting Minimum Plan

On the other side, the cheapest plan of Bluehost Web hosting comes with $ 3.95/month. And prices can go to $ 13.95/month.


One of the vital factors while choosing a Web Hosting plan is performance.

When it comes to the website loading time, Namecheap exceeded Bluehost.

Namecheap also provides a 100% uptime guarantee along with free website migration services that are not offered by Bluehost.

SiteGround VS Bluehost

SiteGround is well renowned for its customer service and WordPress segments.

Bluehost is higher in price tag, especially for big websites or sites with an exactly increased visit. All plans include automatic daily backups and restore.

HostGator VS Bluehost

HostGator is not as vivid as Bluehost, but its pricing is slightly cheaper, and its packages are more cost-effective – you will oversee a few resource limits. You get extra perks like marketing credit and uptime guarantees (which means you repay for unplanned website downtime).


Bluehost is a recognized company offering website building and hosting services with cost-effective facets. It benefits users with high-resolution functional websites and more efficacious hosting servers. The prices of purchasing a hosting plan are reasonable and competitive. It offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WP hosting, and VPS hosting.


How Can I Pay On Bluehost?

While making payments for buying any Web Hosting plan of Bluehost, you can use PayPal Instant Payments, debit cards, all major credit cards, purchase orders & cheques only if you are a resident of the United States.

Unfortunately, till now, Bluehost doesn’t accept payments through Bitcoin, PayPal balance, gift cards, etc.

Is Bluehost Good for Small Businesses?

As earlier described all the crucial things you need to know about Bluehost, you likely need clarification on whether it is appropriate for small businesses?

Is it a promising hosting company or not?

The answer to this question is a BIG YES! Bluehost is affordable, reliable, and offers one of the industry’s most exceptional 24/7 customer support.

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